This is the bio of Wayne McAlpine history of the last 35 years

If you my friends and I would chuckle about this we found a guy with a bunch of p*** that he shouldn’t have on his hard drive “beastiality” Martin Winter AKA tempusfugit, tempusfugit.ca and The Technology Muse in a few other things and he made an effort to discredit me so one person on the whole world out of 7 billion people doesn’t like me who really gives a s***

Then I get another moron I guess I’m a chick magnet Morris Wayne Brown II clown hard to believe that that is 7 billion people you can make such a ruckus if I’m such a piece of s*** why isn’t there hundreds of thousands of things and social media and all these other wonderful things I’ve done other than two fruit cakes one in the United States go figure and the other flaming freak in Toronto will me oh my

If you’re reading some of this stuff and it doesn’t quite seem right just so you know I’m clinically illiterate do not confuse this with stupid I just have a hard time writing and and reading but with modern technology my phone seems to do Me OK should try it enough of that

So as my friends read this and tell me my grammar is incorrect and they send me an email to correct things no I’m not trying to hide anything I’m just trying to make it more legible for you readers who have struck an interest in reading about my life and if you’re reading this you probably pathetic but that’s okay

Winnipeg FreePress  By: Lindor Reynolds Posted: 06/11/2013 1:00 AM   Immobilizer program

CBC News Posted: Jul 17, 2003 9:19 AM CT

Saskatoon Company has solution to Bootlegged Music Wayne McAlpine
Saskatoon Company has solution to Bootlegged Music Wayne McAlpine