Martin Winter tempusfugit 11-20-2016

Wayne McAlpine exposing evidence Martin Winter
Wayne McAlpine exposing evidence Martin Winter

Martin Winter tempusfugit

Again more horseshit where somebody is trying to you down another rabbit hole it’s beautiful when you can speak eloquently and try and proposed information that a reasonable man would well Martin Winter posting your Insight thoughts¬† trying to expose people to how you feel to discredit yourself, bring more light on yourself blah blah blah

Let me tell you; I slept pretty God damn good for a lot of years, you I’m pretty sure you’re wondering when the s*** that you’ve done is going to pop up so you had a lot of sleepless nights, and that’s okay.

I have another f****** freak Wayne Brown he doesn’t pay his f****** bills, you on the other hand you’re f****** pedophile you know it I know, it I just can’t f****** prove it because we couldn’t close the transaction on the hard drive!!!!!! we involved RCMP they said without evidence we can’t anything!!!!

And who are you you piece of s*** we’re out of the University Innovation place prestigious work environment and we’re going to compromise ourselves when diatribe crap comes out of your mouth and your skulduggery do you think that it is worth our wells I don’t think so you’re dumb f***

And you think you got such a good handle on S*** think about it, People are going to listen to some f****** skullduggery f*** like you? who won’t even say Who You Are!¬† Martin Winter But we know who you are Martin Winter we’ve shown that skulking in the dark, you are trying to be like some terrorist crusader, don’t think it’s working out so well for you; people are going to hear my side of the story I wonder who they’re going to believe your horseshit? Wayne Browns horseshit? or the guy that actually shut up for many years and now I’m f******¬† tell my side of the story.

Martin Winter conspire against Wayne McAlpine why?