Morris Wayne Brown

Morris Wayne Brown His Life

I was just a question what was Wayne Brown like to work with

I had to think about that a little bit and I decided that I would take some time alright little pieces as I find time to do so, I think what I will do is start off from the worst and go to the beginning.

I will collect screenshots to try and give you examples of the kind of stuff laying around and I will send you to his website that he has dedicated to me 😉

One thing that I’d like you to know prior to going to this website, is I only know a couple of people that are listed on the left hand side of the navigation, but this should give you a good idea of what this man and  Fran E Brown, Bonnie Rybacki, and James Skip Eavers are capable of doing; no I’m not really sure what he’s thinking as he’s doing it but you’ll get the idea.

Now I will warn you if you think that this man is in his right mind I have no interest whatsoever to know you to converse with you even acknowledge you as a human being now you know my feelings


There’s so many fairy tales that come out of Morris Wayne Brown Smiles hard to know the truth and lies

One thing is for sure we have in fact called City police, RCMP, FBI and other agencies we have recorded dates and incident numbers

Morris Wayne Brown on the other hand has cold different people saying that he’s a policeman saying that he’s an investigator saying that he’s FBI and so forth we have recorded conversations and things that he is left on phone messages falsifying his identification

Here’s a example

Morris Wayne Brown saying that he an police investigator