Martin Winter AKA tempusfugit and tempusfugit.ca

Martin Winter had purchased data recovery card from Canada Computers OneWorld SafeDisk

For a data recovery product where he had sent to our Saskatchewan location at the University of Saskatchewan Innovation place

During the data recovery process we sample files to make sure that files are being recovered and we found very disturbing in images on the hard drive that was sent to us from Mr. Winter we expressed that we understand sometimes other people use other people’s computers so we were questioning him on how many people had access to his computer Mr. Winter said absolutely nobody what’s we pressured him a little bit more about the contents on the drives.

tempusfugit.ca Martin Winter
tempusfugit.ca Martin Winter

We found very disturbing in images on Martin Winter hard drive

When we tried to ascertain how these many offensive images or on his Drive he began to become erratic and combative

Event said that he would publish all over the internet that we were Liars thieves and cheats this obviously was for Martin winter to remove the spotlight off himself

At which point we thought that the authorities would deal with this but because of the nature of data recovery we were unable to retrieve a satisfactory amount of evidence

We decided that with the ongoing investigation of Martin Winters that we would distance ourselves from this narcissistic and corrupt individual

As an organization we believed with 7 billion people in this world and only having one individual that was slandering our good name and individuals in your organisation we did not further squandering time energy or money’s to a sick individual